Alors, so originally I was going to write ‘Advice I’d Give To A Newborn’, but there are several flaws with that. I spend all {98%} my time with babies saying either – ‘you’re so cute!’ or ‘please stop crying’, and newborns wouldn’t even be able to process and understand what I’m saying. So this is dedicated to the Kudzi between Yr6 and Yr8, but still applicable to all ages.

Don’t Grow Up Too Quick. It’s that one piece of advice I always dismissed but it’s so true. Everything happens when it should and pretending (lying) that you’re older isn’t gonna get you very far. Now don’t confuse this with maturity, be mature but don’t try and act like you’re a uni student who’s about to celebrate their 23rd birthday when you’re a 15 year old doing GCSEs, because one day you’ll wish you’d spent more time being young and carefree and less time acting like someone who you have years to grow into.

Change Is Natural. For better and for worse people change – FACT, get used to & get over it, it’ll solve a lot of arguments. People won’t change at the same rate or even in the same direction, I look at girls I used to call m best friends in Year7, we’re all so different now and only two are still best friends. If you feel someone has changed in a way that makes you incompatible – don’t force the friendship, all you do is end it on bad terms. And it’s okay for you to change, grow into a better version of yourself, or maybe you’ll go through a tough patch but hopefully you come out the other end stronger.

Do you boo. People are thinking about you less than you think they are most of the time. How often do you really sit down and think about someone else and their lives – positively or negatively. Most people rarely do it, so stop being scared of doing x because of what ‘they‘ might say. Will they be in your life in a decade? Will you even care about their opinions in a couple weeks? It’s your life, within reason do what makes you happy and the right people will surround you making you forget the wrong ones ever existed. If it matters to you, don’t let it go.

Everyone makes mistakes. Seriously, relax. You failed a test, missed the shot in PE, fell over in the hall, forgot your lines in the play. Life moves on, time waits for nobody, you need to stop waiting for the ground to swallow you because its not happening. Take a deep breath, salvage as much of the situation as possible then move on. Put that error to the back of your mind. Eventually everyone will forget, including you.

Good vs. Bad. Last but not least, its not always going to be easy. You can read every book, blog and watch every vlog but you need to experience things for yourself. Both the good and the bad, learn from but don’t dwell on them for too long. Don’t live your live in a bubble to avoid pain because pain helps you grow, it hurts but it show you how resilient you are. And don’t spend all your time looking back at the good times, try and spend more time making new memories.

Those are the five things I wish I’d read back in the day, most important things I’ve learnt in my 17 years. Oh and ‘Every action (or inaction) has a consequence‘. Maybe they’ll help someone else, or maybe I’ll just come back to read this in a decade and switch things up a little.

Au revoir, my loves xo


2 thoughts on “Advice

  1. Good post! I definitely agree that, no matter how much advice people give to you, the actual learning process comes with experience. Just putting yourself out there, and not worrying so much about failure. Really, you captured life in a nutshell. 🙂

    Also: love the “Hannah Montana” bit. Brings back the good ol’ days. 🙂

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