I Believe.

I Believe.

I believe in God.

I believe that something greater than anyone can imagine is there to Love and Guide us.

To be Honest and Patient.

I believe in Love. And I believe that anything can be conquered with Love.

I believe in Pain.

And in moving on.

I believe that nobody is born cruel, it’s something we learn along the way.

It’s also something we can’t continue blaming others for.

Everyone reaches a stage in their lives when they need to grow up and take responsibility for Their Actions.


I believe in Myself.

I believe in You.

Because I know that Nothing is impossible if You work hard enough.

You might not end up where you wanted but you need to grab that moment and make it work.

Make it Yours.

I believe that we are all Equal. We are all born with the same essentials and nothing should stop us living our lives how we please.

Especially trivial things like appearance,





or even sexual orientation.

I believe in Change.

In Optimism.

In the Power of Positive thinking.

And I believe every new day is a blessing given to us in the hope that we will do more with our lives.

I believe this is the beginning and I believe there is no end.

– Kudzai C.


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