The Routine

IMPORTANT. – Okay so 2014 is a big year for me school wise people, I’m in the second half of Year11 (last year of high school for the non-English people). This means in May & June I will sit some SUPER-DUPER Important Exams. Pleeeease be patient with me, because I will be even worse at sticking to any sort of routine. I don’t want to put my blog on hold but I can’t promise posts weekly. And then after that trauma of exams I’m planning a nice long summer in Zimbabwe (Africa) where the internet is nowhere near as fast as the fibre optic stuff Virgin have blessed me with on this tiny little island (annoying, I know. The electricity in some places can be worse!) THEN as if all that wasn’t enough I’ll have to start sixth form (September). So please don’t expect any form of routine for the couple of months. I WILL blog, it’s second nature to me, like my virtual diary but I have a busy year ahead and don’t want to make any promises.

Daaassss All. Now you can read the routine I will be going back to when all my torture is over 😉 Lots of love and thank you to the people who have already stuck by me when I had no excuse to not be blogging. Couldn’t wish for more.

{{Sooo, this is a little routine I have come up with and will try to stick to!



Wednesday = What Im Loving



Saturday & Sunday = Personal Updates (Every 2 weeks)

The other days have been left free for the random posts I make! Mostly regarding fashion, music and my personal life… Plus you can catch me on other sites… Links below and that’s roughly how often I go on them!}}



3 thoughts on “The Routine

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    cause I think we had so much in commun 🙂
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